About Us

Covid, Lockdown, & Hunger... When most of the country was sitting at home, our crew @ Gannet Fishmongers in Galway were busy filleting, packing and providing essential fish supply to thousands of homes countrywide. Long hours, hard work, with empty stomachs and every forecourts or food outlets closed in our neighborhood. So we began rooting & looting our own stores, eating our shops small fish fish tins selection...  As lockdown went on, stocks ran low, we began craving more variety… We started trawling the internet to restock alternative tins and found so many more species, flavors and producers… Our tins collection naturally started growing bigger and bigger….

WHO ARE WE ? Vincent Corrigan & Stefan Griesbach, the power team behind the successful establishment of as Ireland's leading Online Seafood Retailer.  

  • Parisian born Stefan, founder of Gannet Fishmongers in Galway, has 30 years seafood expertise and a Fishivorous appetite for the tastiest fish.
  • Vincent, from Long Island is a talented ex-Chef, a passionate Sea Angler, and former Punk Band guitarist. He is also an expert on the Keyboard, building and running busy websites. 

A well appointed mix of talents, from a pair with a combinedpassion for Fish, Seafood, Gastronomy and the love of sharing it with others.

FISHMONGERS TURNING TINMONGERS.  What is this about?... Don't panic… Nothing wrong with fresh fish... But you have to start tasting those tins to understand… 

EAT MORE TINS ? Canning began 150 years ago as a way to preserve perishable foods, long before wasteful packaging would become an issue... #noplastic. Like good Wine, quality fish tins get even tastier as they age #Millesime tins. 

A delicious way to eat more Healthily. How often do you eat oily fish? Would you eat more of it if you could? Forget about chemist shop bought omega 3 supplements.. Our fish tins are packed with proteins, essential oils and other nutrients.